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Since 1993


Magic and science. Two halves of the same coin. Terra and Antarra are two worlds separated by the realm of dreams. Here on Terra, our fantasy stories contain dragons, magic, and elves. But on Antarra, their fantasy stories comprise science, technology, and machinery.

Elora is just an ordinary college student living in Seattle with dreams of becoming a lawyer and starting a family. Life was simple. But everything changed when Martin came into her life. Her world is turned upside down, and she and her friends are transported into the parallel world of Antarra. A world where magic, dragons, elves, and so much more are everyday life.

Upon their arrival, they meet Lukas, a powerful mage, who had been sent to retrieve them and take them to the Academy of Magic. But he isn't the only one that knows about Elora and her friends. There are rumors that a dark and powerful cult is stirring once again on Antarra. And they know about the newcomers.

Penumbra is the first installment of The Legend of Terra series written by Kelly Coston.

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